Stopping GMOs Without Protesting

GMO Free Shopping

There are many groups involved in all sorts of actions to stop industry from creating GMOs and using them in our food. We want to be clear here that GMO Free Moms does not support, participate in or organize protest campaigns against those in the GMO industry. Yes, we are strongly opposed to all GMO’s but we take a different approach to raising awareness and influencing change to rid GMOs from our markets.

Typically campaigns of opposition involve protests, boycotts and other actions that create an adversarial relationship between different parties. Those that are protesting create a platform to express their displeasure with the opposition and raise awareness of the issue. However the opposition also enters into the process with their counterpoints and efforts to gain support for their position.

The best example we have seen recently is with the work to GMO Labeling laws put into place in some states. There was lots of work and money invested in raising awareness and support for the law. But, the GMO industry had far more money and resources available to them to fight the law. They had many other industries and politicians on their side as well as a large marketing campaign. In the end the laws were no established.

If we continue to have protests, boycotts and other adversarial actions the opposition will always be present with greater force. A more effective action is to leave the opposing industry out of the loop and no opening to get involved with a counter campaign.

GMO Free Moms firmly believes that our purchasing habits have the greatest impact upon eliminating GMOs from our food supply as well as all other places they are used. A basic concept of economics is supply and demand which we can use to our advantage. Standing on street corners protesting creates awareness and counter responses from industry but it’s not changing the supply. However, if we go into the grocer and are consistent in our purchasing habits there will be a change in the market when grocers see that there’s more demand. All the while the GMO industry giants and the food producers that have financed anti-labeling campaigns won’t have an opportunity or way to counter or stop you from purchasing the GMO-Free products. The grocer won’t stop you from purchasing the product and will respond by putting more back into the place you removed them from.

MorningStar food products is one company that we recently noticed to have begun to offer Non-GMO Project verified products. This is a big move for them since they haven’t offered any organic or non-gmo products in the past. They are also owned by Kellogg’s which has financed opposition to the labeling laws. Their move to offer new products is likely due to growing demand for GMO-Free products and we can influence other companies by being consistent in our shopping habits.

Let’s change the market without intimidation from the other side by not inviting them to go grocery shopping with us.