Build Strong Relationships

Food is the most important aspect of our life but we don’t place a high priority upon building and maintaining relationships with those that supply us the food. We must change our ways to see changes at the places we purchase food.

Many of those working at grocers, bakeries, cafes, restaurants, and other establishments have little or no knowledge of GMOs and we must find opportunities to raise awareness and educate them without appearing to be alarmists or confrontational. For us to have such opportunities we need to build relationships with them during our regular visits before making an approach to talk about GMOs. Upon building relationships we will have opportunities to request particular foods and to raise awareness of GMOs which can lead to changes in our food supply.

Simple things we can do that will lead to change:

  • Be positive
  • Set aside our electronic devices while checking out or ordering and take the opportunity to talk with the people serving us.
  • Frequent the same clerk when at the grocer to create greater familiarity of each other.
  • Have conversations with grocer managers, produce staff, baristas and others workers.
  • When asked if you found everything you were looking for while in the checkout stand mention all of the GMO Free/Non GMO Project verified products you were able to find which can lead to a discussion about GMOs. Other people in line may overhear the conversation and learn in the process.
  • Inquire about the appropriate means of requesting new products.
  • Point out the Non GMO Project seal to people.
  • Share your basic knowledge of GMOs.
  • Talk about the products/brands we desire so they become reinforced.

Things to avoid so we don’t appear to be negative or overly radical and lead people to avoid us in future visits:

  • Talking about the products or brands that have GMOs.
  • Claiming that GMOs are bad and cause disease.

Building relationships will be more effective and have longer lasting results than protesting, boycotting and running negative campaigns.