Become a Concerned Shopper
Learn about GMOs and become committed to being GMO-Free.
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Build Strong Relationships With Food Providers
Building relationships with food providers is critical in changing our food supply.
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Promote the Growing GMO Free Trend
Share the knowledge with others and influence their shopping habits.
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Join the Trend and Promote It

GMO Free Moms was created to bridge the gap between consumer demand for non-GMO foods and local food providers awareness of GMO free ingredients and products.

We will be implementing a three step system for both consumers and food providers that provides all the tools, information, and resources needed to create non-GMO changes. We believe in reestablishing positive relationships between consumers and those who provide our food, whether that be a grocer, baker, restaurant, or coffee shop owner. By creating these positive relationships, local food providers can learn about providing non-GMO foods and meeting this growing demand and consumers can feel good about supporting their local businesses and what they are feeding their families.

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